'I Never Go Anywhere I Can't Drive Myself'
Leslie Hill & Helen Paris
66 in Cyberspace: A millennial road trip through two-lane byways and super-info highways of past and present, of reality and hyper-reality, of place and 'placelessness'.
US Driving Date: 7th May '97
Place: St. Louis to Springfield, Illinois
Weather: Warm and windy
People Place Evidence
Bottled Messages & Journal Entries

The futurists predict that in the 21st century the world will become a 'placeless society' where we can be everywhere at anytime through fiber-optic communications. This begs several questions:
1. Will we still be able to take a road trip or run away from home in a 'placeless' society?
2. a) How can you get a cup of coffee and a slice of cherry pie from the Pig Hip Cafe via the Internet? and,
b) Will waitresses in the future still wink and say, 'What can I git cha?'
3. Can I travel the information superhighway in a 1957 Thunderbird?
You may begin your trip through the journal, number plate, photo album or magnifying glass at the top to look at daily diary entries, places visited, pictures of people met, objects found and left behind.
The map also holds a few secrets. Add your comment and read others in the virtual chatmail.

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